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Julie Darbyshire

MA, MSc, DPhil

Senior Critical Care Researcher

Julie’s academic interests focus on psychological outcomes after critical illness, patient-oriented improvements in healthcare delivery, public understanding of research, and the importance of publishing trial results for the lay audience. Prior to joining the department in 2011 Julie worked for the University of Oxford Diabetes Trials Unit managing large scale international trials and was co-investigator for the 4-T Results Dissemination sub-study.

Julie holds higher degrees in both art and science. Her Masters theses have explored the role of cultural conditioning on the populist view of science and scientists; summaries of which were commissioned by the LabLit website for a generalist audience

As part of her DPhil in Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Oxford she investigated noise levels in the Intensive Care environment and the relationships between noise, sleep and ICU-acquired delirium. She has an ongoing interest in improving sleep quality and 'humanising' the ICU environment to benefit staff and patients.

Julie is registered with ResearchGate

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