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Liam Peck

OXION DPhil Student in Ion Channels and Disease

I began university at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, where I completed my first 3 years of undergraduate pre-clinical medicine, graduating with a BA (Hons) in Medical Sciences. During this time I undertook a dissertation research project on autoimmune-derived chronic pain, supervised by Prof David Bennett and Dr John Dawes of the Neural Injury Group in the NDCN. I was awarded the 2015 Martin Wronker Research Project Prize for my dissertation.

I deferred a place at Oxford Clinical School to accept a 4-year Wellcome Trust Studentship on the Oxion DPhil in Ion Channels & Disease, at St John's College. In my first year I worked for Prof Anant Parekh (DPAG) researching slow inactivation of the store-operated CRAC channel Orai1, followed by a second project with Prof Bennett studying the role of Kv1 channels in neuropathic pain. This second project has become the subject of my main DPhil thesis, which has been conducted in collaboration with Prof Margarita Calvo (Universidad Católica, Santiago, Chile) and my secondary DPhil supervisor Prof Anthony Dickenson (University College London).

As of 2017, I also provide neuroscience tutorials to undergraduate medical students at Lady Margaret Hall.

Research groups