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Max Brzezicki

Max Brzezicki

Max Brzezicki

BMedSc (1st Hons), FNS, MB ChB candidate

Clinical Research Fellow

Quantification of Parkinson's Disease

Neuroscience is not all about a shaking arm or a spastic muscle. Behind every Parkinson's disease, there is a unique and infinitely interesting person, who experiences a wide range of symptoms in their very own, inimitable way.


Sometimes the intricate function of the brain goes wrong. My research is aiming to find where that fault is and how to fix it. I want to produce better ways of assessing Parkinsonian diseases, looking behind the scenes to appreciate the whole picture: track down the disorder in movement, cognition, memory, and executive function.

As a clinician, I want to be able to offer my patients a better, more objective and accurate way of quantifying the disease. As a scientist, I want to help advance our knowledge of parkinsonism and shape the future of the research in this field.

Our group achieves that by inviting the participants to perform a battery of physical, memory, and eye movement exercises. The data output is then analysed to work out patterns, correlations, and new methods of assessment.

I believe we can use the recent developments in computational neurology, artificial intelligence and bioinformatics to achieve our aims quicker and more efficiently. I am passionate about implementing our findings to enhance the patient’s experience and improve the neurological practice right at the frontline of the health service.




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