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Mandy Tseng

BSc, Cell Biology and Genetics

DPhil Student

Research groups


I am a DPhil student in the Neural Injury Group, under the supervision of Prof. David Bennett, Prof. Sarosh Irani, and A/Prof. John Dawes. I am studying the role of CASPR2, a known target of autoantibodies, in neuropathic pain. My project aims to:

I) Investigate the mechanism of action of CASPR2 autoantibodies in the pathophysiology of neuropathic pain; 

ii) Understand the effect of CASPR2 overexpression on neuropathic pain in preclinical models; and 

iii) Explore whether increasing CASPR2 expression in sensory neurons is a feasible treatment for neuropathic pain.

Prior to my graduate studies, I obtained my B.Sc. in Cell Biology from the University of British Columbia. I then joined the antibody discovery group in Amgen, where I worked on the generation of therapeutic antibodies toward ion channels and complex membrane proteins.

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