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Marco Bellini

BSc (Hons) PhD

Research Coordinator and Clinical Trial Manager

Drawing on his background in scientific research, financial services and business management, Marco assists Professor MacLaren in the management of his world-class research group, which has established itself as an international leader in the use of gene therapy, electronic retinas ('bionic eyes') and robotic surgery for the treatment of retinal diseases.

Marco's role in business development includes sourcing of new avenues of funding from governmental agencies, research foundations and charitable organisations, as well as exploring potential collaborative partnerships with biopharmaceutical companies and other industrial partners.

In addition, he actively assists the research group in the translation of biomedical research into clinical trials. In this regard, Marco is currently coordinating the REGENERATE (REP1 Gene Replacement Therapy) study, which is a multicentre Phase II clinical trial of a gene therapy for choroideremia, as well as assisting Professor MacLaren in rolling out a number of other important gene therapy trials due to commence from 2017 onwards.