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Melanie Fleming

Research Associate in Plasticity and Neurorehabilitation

I am a researcher in the Plasticity Group, with Professor Heidi Johansen-Berg. My primary interest is in the investigation of potential strategies for improving rehabilitation after stroke and brain injury. This includes novel treatments such as neurofeedback and brain stimulation, and investigating the role of sleep in learning and recovery. 

Our collaborators include

  • Dr Anton Pick and Dr David Henderson Slater from the Oxford Centre for Enablement (Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust)
  • Mrs Emma Garratt from the Oxfordshire Stroke Rehabilitation Unit (Oxford Health NHS Trust)
  • Professor Helen Dawes from Oxford Brookes University
  • Mrs Rachel Buckingham and Mr Tim Theologis from the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre (Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust)

Summaries of our studies of sleep after stroke and brain injury

Read a summary of our study examining sleep in chronic stroke survivors

Read a summary of our study assessing sleep during rehabilitation from brain injury

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