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Xin You Tai

Wellcome Trust Academic Clinical Fellow & DPhil student

  • Neurology Specialist Trainee
  • DPhil Biomedical and Clinical Sciences

Hippocampal dysfunction across neurodegenerative conditions

My research focus is examining cognitive, and particularly hippocampal, dysfunction across different neurological conditions and ageing. I am interested in the electrical disruption as a mechanism of memory problems and network changes in temporal lobe epilepsy and cerebrovascular disease and how this relates to ageing and other neurodegenerative conditions. I am also looking to better understand how memory works in healthy individuals including how we shift information from short term to long term memory. 

I use neurophysiology and neuroimaging along with behavioural testing to examine cognitive function. The Computational Neurology group is also interested in people with Parkinson's disease and focal brain lesions.

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