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Incoming Post

Arrives at the Department, daily at 9:30am.

Reception on Level 6 of the West Wing in the JR will segregate post by the surname's first letter, and will place in their respective drawers for collection.

Outgoing Post

Leaves the Department, daily at 9:30am.

Please use the designated drawer on Level 6 of the West Wing in the JR 'Outgoing NDCN post', and remember to use the NDCN outgoing postal code 261 in the top right corner of your envelope (for work-related post only).

If is a bigger package, please leave at the top of the cabinet, properly labelled for collection. 

Worldwide Couriers

If you need to send a parcel via courier, please contact a courier company from the University preferred supplier list and enquire about prices, forms to be filled and collection.

The collection time is important, so you must organise  a suitable time with the company, and be present during this time.

Our reception team is able to provide you with information and the slips/forms you may need.

A purchase order needs to be raised beforehand, in order to send a parcel via courier.


Receipt and Distribution is the hospital department responsible for receiving all hospital goods, including ours.

They segregate the goods using a PO, in our Department's case this is an HM number, and bring the items up to Level 6 in cages at the beginning of the afternoon ( 1 - 1:30PM).

After that, our Facilities Team is responsible for opening, separating and storing every item according to their specification.

The next step is to let you know when your item has arrived and where it is stored waiting for your collection. This communication is made on a daily basis by email.

When collecting your parcel, please make sure you sign the goods in tracking sheet that can be found in each storage room.

If you need to track an item, please email and we are glad to help.

Off-site archive

If you need off-site archive space, please contact:

  • your line manager for approval 
  • the Finance Team to find out about the charges for the service
  • Ardington Archives to set up a new account (Tel: 01367 718 710)