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On Thursday 6th June, the department’s own Clinical Neurosciences Society held a successful career and networking day. The event, which was themed around ‘Careers Beyond Clinical Neurosciences’ and was held at William Osler House, attracted over 70 academics, research and support staff from across the department.

The CNS committee, led by Maddalena Comini and Danielle Hewitt, put together a vibrant and dynamic programme of speakers from diverse backgrounds and career paths to deliver inspirational talks to the guests. The career day was organised in several sessions, focused on different themes including translational research, scientific writing, communications and publishing, biomedical investment, and scientific industry. Speakers with varied expertise were invited to discuss their (un)conventional career pathways and journeys and participated in interactive discussions with the audience. A/Prof. Sarah Bauermeister, associate professor of cognitive neuropsychology who spoke at the event, said of the day: “It was my great pleasure to give a presentation at the CNS Career Day. It is important that researchers are well informed about career options and also that they have the opportunity to find out about alternative paths and examples of overcoming challenges.”


The day was sponsored by the CNS, with the important contribution of TakaraBio and Sarstedt, and coordinated by the CNS treasurer Adham. Throughout the whole day there were plenty of opportunities to network and ask questions from the speakers, guests and sponsors alike. The fun bingo cards game, organised by Ioana and Jimena, CNS committee members, was a nice opportunity for people to mingle and get to know each other. Dr Susan Black, who presented on behalf of the Oxford Careers Service, praised the event, saying: “The day was thoroughly enjoyable, with ample networking time and space fostering a sense of community where all career paths are valued, it was a credit to the organising committee and NDCN's outward-looking research culture.”


The careers event culminated with a drinks reception where everyone gathered to discuss the positive outcome of the day and ideas for future events. Special thanks to Paul (Pao-Sheng Chang), a CNS committee member, whose input majorly contributed to the successful outcome of the event.

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