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On 14 March we celebrated the work of our Department over the previous year, marking our successes in research, teaching and public engagement.

The postgraduate poster competition kicked off at 2.45pm with coffee and cake for everyone. There followed an hour and a half of enthusiastic conversations and judging. Congratulations to the three winners: Benedict Tanudjojo in Year 1, Teele Palumaa in year 2, and Harry Orlans in Year 3.

At 4.30pm we welcomed George Mashour, Professor and Associate Dean of the University of Michigan Medical Schoo to give the Thomas Willis Lecture on 'Consciousness & Anaesthesia'.

This was followed by the annual departmental prize-giving and a drinks reception. Congratulations to all our winners who are listed below:

Prize Winners

Early Career Researcher Prize

RUNNER UP: Adrian Cortes – Nature Genetics 49

‘Bayesian analysis of genetic association across tree-structured routine healthcare data in the UK Biobank’

WINNER: Linxin Li – Lancet 2017; 390:490-99

‘Age-specific risks, severity, time course, and outcome of bleeding on long-term antiplatelet treatment after vascular events: a population-based cohort study’

Intermediate Career Researcher Prize

RUNNER UP: Sarosh Irani – Brain 141

‘The importance of early immunotherapy in 103 patients with faciobrachial dystonic seizures.’

WINNER: John Dawes – Neuron; 97(4):806-822

‘Immune or Genetic-Mediated Disruption of CASPR2 Causes Pain Hypersensitivity Due to Enhanced Primary Afferent Excitability’

Award for Public Engagement

WINNERS: Emily Hinson, Mike Sanders & Tom Smejka

For their work on the WIN’s ‘Fairground Brains’ and ‘A WINdow on the Brain’ activities 

Award for Excellence

WINNERS: Stacie Allan & Katja Wiech

For delivering the Staff Development plan and their work towards the Athena Swan

Award for Teaching

WINNERS: Simon Kyle, Nicola Barclay, Colin Espie, Marion Greenleaves, Chris-James Harvey & Sumathi Sekaran

For the Oxford Online Programme in Sleep Medicine