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Photos from past events

BAW 2014

Chrystalina Antoniades won an Early Career Researcher Award at the 2016 Vice Chancellor's Public Engagement with Research Awards for her work on this project in partnership with the Ashmolean Museum.


Picturing Parkinson’s: building bridges between patients and neuroscientists.

In 2019, Chrystalina Antoniades and Jacqueline Pumphrey were awarded a grant from the University's Public Engagement with Research Seed Fund.

This pilot project aims to bridge the gap between objective research into Parkinson’s disease and subjective patient experience of the condition, through the medium of fine art. The project will provide a supportive space for patients to tell their stories and have them interpreted by professional artists. It will enable us (and other neuroscientist colleagues) to see the object of our research transformed and expressed in an imaginative way, which will shape our thinking about the work we do.

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Please find here some of our published work on this area.


Taking part in these activities has given me a different perspective on my research and helped me understand better how it relates to the lives of the wider public.

In 2017, the Art and Neuroscience project was involved in Brain Diaries, an exhibition and programme of events running across Oxford.

The last few years have seen a wide range of events at the Ashmolean Museum showcasing the work of this project. There have been activities for families, workshops for schools, and talks on art and neuroscience such as the one below by Professor Christopher Kennard. 

Thinking about the brain

The Hunt

Chrystalina and Jim developed this seminar series given on 20 November 2014. Listen to podcasts of three talks:

Art, Illusions and the Visual Brain, by Christopher Kennard

Half a World: What unilateral neglect tells us about space and the brain, by Glyn Humphreys

The Art of Seeing, by Chrystalina Antoniades

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