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First U.S. Patient Treated with Gene Therapy for X-Linked Retinitis Pigmentosa


Members of the surgical team at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, who performed the first administration in the U.S. of the gene therapy for X-Linked Retinitis Pigmentosa developed at the University of Oxford. From left to right: Rosa Potyra, Nel Gregory, Janet Davis, Robert MacLaren (University of Oxford) and Byron Lam.


OOC 2018

Members of the Clinical Ophthalmology Research Group attending the July 2018 Oxford Ophthalmological Congress. From left to right: Arantxa Bolinches Amoros, Lewis Fry, Harry Orlans, Robert MacLaren, Celine Halioua, Alun Barnard, Imran Yusuf, Tina Storm, Iain Wilson.

ARVO Conference, May 2018

ARVO 2018

Members of the Oxford team on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii on the last day of the ARVO Annual Meeting, May 2018. From left to right: Tina Storm, Kirti Jasani, Dun Jack Fu, James Aylward, Laurel Chandler, Harry Orlans, Georgios Kontos, Cristina Martinez, Caroline Peddle, Arantxa Bolinches, Lewis Fry, Jasmina Kapetanovic, Dominik Fischer (Alumnus), Robert MacLaren, Celine Halioua, Iain Wilson, Mark Hassall (Alumnus), Maria Patricio, Anika Nanda, Matthew Simunovic (Alumnus), Peter Charbel Issa, Doron Hickey (Alumnus), Imran Yusuf. Not shown in the photo, but present for the dinner were: Tom Edwards (Alumnus), Alun Barnard, Sarah Stephenson, Odysseas Georgiadis, Yunfei Yang.

MacLaren Group Annual Dinner, October 2017

MacLaren Group Annual Dinner 2017

MacLaren Group Annual Dinner, October 2017. Back row: Peter Charbel Issa, Kanmin Xue, Imran Yusuf, Harry Orlans, Alun Barnard. Middle row: Samantha de Silva, Tina Storm, Kirti Jasani, Marco Bellini, Sher Aslam, Lewis Fry, Mark Hassall, Iain Wilson, Jasleen Kaur Jolly. Front row: Maria Patricio, Caroline Peddle, Anum Butt, Laurel Chandler, Anika Nanda, Robert MacLaren, Anna Rudenko, Anna Paola Salvetti, Cristina Martinez, Arantxa Bolinches Amoros. (Photograph copyright: Gillman & Soame.)

Farewell to Dr Salvetti, August 2017

Farewell to Dr Salvetti

A farewell party for Dr Anna Paola Salvetti before her return to the University of Milan in Italy. Dr Salvetti spent three happy years at Oxford working as a clinical research fellow within the Clinical Ophthalmology Research Group. She contributed greatly towards the success of our retinal gene therapy programme and she will be sorely missed.

Oxford Ophthalmological Congress, July 2017

OOC 2017


Members of the Clinical Ophthalmology Research Group attending the July 2017 Oxford Ophthalmological Congress. From left to right: Cristina Martinez, Maria Patricio, Iain Wilson, Caroline Peddle, Robert MacLaren, Anum Butt, Alun Barnard, Asha Swierczek, Mark Hassall, Laurel Chandler, Harry Orlans.

Visiting Italian Surgeons, March 2017

Visiting Italian Surgeons

Italian surgeons visit Oxford on 1 March 2017 to observe electronic retinal implant surgery, in preparation for the first planned implantation of the electronic retina in patients in Italy. From left to right: Dr Iuliano Lorenzo (Department of Ophthalmology, San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan), Dr Marco Codenotti (Head of Vitreoretinal Surgery Service, San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan), Professor Robert MacLaren, Mr Nicolo Ceretto (Engineer, Retina Implant AG).

First REGENERATE Trial Patient Treated At Moorfields Eye Hospital, December 2016

Moorfields Surgery Team

Surgical team that participated in the gene therapy surgery for the first REGENERATE trial patient treated at the Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, 13 December 2016. (Professor Lyndon da Cruz and Professor Robert MacLaren are standing on either side of the video monitor.)


MacLaren Group Annual Dinner 2016

MacLaren Group Annual Dinner, October 2016. Back row: Alun Barnard, Anna Buchberger, Peter Charbel Issa, Marta Latasiewicz, Marco Bellini, Thomas Edwards, Sher Aslam, Mark Hassall, Harry Orlans, Clare Couldridge, Shaun Wood, Asha Swierczek. Front row: Samantha de Silva, Anna Paola Salvetti, Laurel Chandler, Anna Rudenko, Robert MacLaren, Jasleen Kaur Jolly, Caroline Peddle, Cristina Martinez, Maria Patricio. (Photograph copyright: Gillman & Soame.)

World's First Robotic Eye Surgery, September 2016

Robotic Surgery Team

Surgical team that participated in the world's first robotic eye surgery, 24 September 2016. Standing from left to right: Bhim Gyawali (theatre sister), Thomas Edwards (clinical research fellow), Perry van Rijsingen (chief executive officer, PRECEYES BV), Vincent Carpio (scrub nurse), Anna Paola Salvetti (clinical research fellow), Marc de Smet (chief medical officer, PRECEYES BV), Andrew Farmery (anaesthetist), Robert MacLaren (principal investigator), Kanmin Xue (academic clinical lecturer), Marta Latasiewicz (vitreoretinal fellow), Maarten Beelen (software engineer, PRECEYES BV), Thijs Meenink (hardware engineer, PRECEYES BV).

Group Visit to Paris, April 2016

Institut de la Vision

Group visit to the Institut de la Vision in Paris, April 2016. (Professor José-Alain Sahel, the Director of the Institut de la Vision, is standing on the far right next to Professor Robert MacLaren.)

The Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology coxed four, training in Oxford tracksuits, October 2014

Rowing (cropped)

Group members pulling together for oar-inspiring rowdopsin research.

ARVO Conference, May 2014

ARVO 2014 (cropped)

Various past and present group members enjoying some recreational time along with other members of the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology and Oxford Eye Hospital at the ARVO Annual Meeting, Orlando, May 2014.

ARVO Conference, May 2012

ARVO 2012

Various past and present group members enjoying some recreational time along with other members of the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology and Oxford Eye Hospital at the ARVO Annual Meeting, Fort Lauderdale, May 2012.

First Electronic Retinal Implant Surgery, March 2012 

 First Electronic Retinal Implant Surgery

First electronic retinal implant surgery in the UK, 22 March 2012: surgeons plan the various steps of the complex 8 hour procedure. From left to right: Mr Markus Groppe FRCOphth PhD (Academic Clinical Lecturer), Mr James Ramsden FRCS PhD (Consultant Cochlear Implant Surgeon), Professor Robert MacLaren FRCOphth DPhil (Consultant Ophthalmologist), Mr Tim Jackson FRCOphth PhD (Consultant Ophthalmologist), Mr Jonathan Norris FRCOphth (Consultant Ophthalmologist).

Group Visit to Singapore, January 2011

Singapore 2011

Group visit to National University Eye Hospital Singapore, January 2011. (From left to right: Mandeep Singh, Dan Lipinski, Peter Charbel Issa, Alun Barnard, Robert MacLaren, Haidong Shan.)