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Oxford Adult Epilepsy Team*

We run a very busy tertiary epilepsy surgery centre with access to the full panoply of diagnostic and therapeutic tools. There are an average of 12 adult epilepsy clinics per week including unique multi-disciplinary clinics (for example epilepsy and employment, epilepsy and learning difficulties) and several paediatric clinics both at JRH and in local hospitals.  We are proud to be part of EpiCARE – a European Reference Network for people with rare and complex epilepsies and also work closely with epilepsy charities, particularly SUDEP Action and Epilepsy Society

Patients drive a substantial portion of our research and we are indebted to all of them for their help and for ensuring that all our projects are aimed at improving the health of people with epilepsy.

Humanology Project

*Back row (L to R): David Okai (Consultant Neuropsychiatrist), Stephan Hinze (Consultant Neurologist), Richard Stacey (Consultant Neurosurgeon), Marcus Neale (Epilepsy Nurse Specialist), Jane Adcock (Consultant Neurologist)

Front row (L to R): Arjune Sen (Consultant Neurologist), Russett Henderson (Epilepsy PA), Claire Isaac (Consultant Neuropsychologist), Maggie Tristram (Epilepsy Nurse Specialist)

Selected publications