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Dr Alastair Webb joined the Centre for Prevention of Stroke and Dementia in 2010 on an MRC Clinical Research Fellowship, completing an MSc and a DPhil. He has continued to work as an Associate Clinical Fellow with the CPSD whilst completing his clinical training as a neurology registrar in Oxford. He has recently been awarded a Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Development Fellowship for further research within the CPSD, to coincide with becoming a Neurology Consultant in August 2017.

Dr Webb's research is focussed on the physiological relationship between blood pressure and stroke risk, beyond the effects of mean blood pressure. His early work used meta-analyses of published results of randomised controlled clinical trials to demonstrate that different antihypertensive medications have parallel effects on blood pressure variability and stroke risk. He subsequently established a physiological cohort study, nested within the CPSD flagship cohort (OXVASC), to identify novel physiological indices that predict the future risk of stroke, chronic cerebrovascular injury and cognitive impairment. This ongoing study has identified indices such as arterial stiffness, blood pressure variability and cerebral arterial pulsatility as potential treatment targets. Future work will aim to develop a program of clinical trials to modify these adverse physiological indices to hopefully reduce the risk of stroke and cognitive decline.



Alastair Webb

MA BMBCh MSc MRCP(Neurol) DPhil

Modifying the relationship between cardiovascular physiology and the risk of stroke

Associate Clinical Fellow / Neurology Registrar

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