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Amandeep Josan

Specialist Optometrist

Aman is a specialist Optometrist working with Professor Robert Maclaren assessing outcomes in visual functions after gene therapy treatment in various clinical trials.

Aman obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Optometry from Cardiff University and then went on to train at the Institute of Optometry. Aman later pursued a Master’s degree in Mathematics at Cambridge and a PhD in Physics at Nottingham University. Aman has significant experience working in community practices and has been involved in teaching clinics in the Optometry department at Aston University. Aman has also worked with the charity ‘Vision Aid Overseas’ in African countries helping to train Optometry students and support local eye care services as well as outreach programmes.

In addition to his work in clinical trials, Aman has a particular interest in assessing the accuracy of various key diagnostic tests such as Microperimetry in an effort to understand the limitations of measurement outcomes and identify potential areas of improvement in assessment techniques. Aman also has a keen interest in the emerging use of A.I. for medical image and data analysis. 

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