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Erin Greenslade

Human Resources Apprentice


Home: Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays ~ 8:30am - 4:30pm

Office: Tuesday ~ 8:30am - 4:30pm, Friday ~ 8:30am - 3:30pm


All members of the NDCN HR Team oversee different areas. Please see below for when you should contact me.


Lucy Earl and I look after the arrangements for processing visitors. For information about the process and what is required, please visit the following webpage: Visitors — Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences (

Once you have prepared all the required forms, please send your request to and we will let you know whether we are able to process them.


Lucy and I oversee NDCN's casual and variable hours workers.

There are 2 different types of casual contracts for individuals which are hired to undertake work which is only needed for a very short/defined period of time only.
For casual workers, the period should be no more than 12 weeks maximum.
For casual teachers, the period should be the minimum required, but no more than 12 months maximum. 
Please see this webpage for more information: Casual workers | HR Support (

For variable hours workers, the appointment is offered on an ‘as required’ basis. Please see this webpage for more information: Employees (including variable hours) | HR Support (

Lucy looks after setting up new casual and variable hours workers. If you would like to arrange for a new worker to be set up, please email, FAO Lucy.
For information on the casual worker process, such as what forms are required, please see the following webpage: Casual Work — Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences (
A webpage for what is required for setting up variable hours workers is coming soon. Please email me with any queries and I will pass on the appropriate forms.

Please note, requests will take a minimum of 2 weeks to be approved, so please send your requests through in advance, with plenty of time to spare.


I processes timesheets, so please send all timesheets, FAO Erin, to