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Short-term vacancies and casual workers

On occasions, a short-term vacancy (a couple of months' worth of work) may be identified. On those cases, a recruitment campaign is not the right strategy and line managers and PIs should consider engaging a casual worker or an temp/agency worker.

Casual workers are hired on an irregular basis for no more than 12 weeks. They are a cheaper option than temp/agency workers, as we do not have to pay agency fees.

Departmental approval to engage casual workers must be sought in advance of engaging the casual worker. Additionally, any offer of casual work will be subject to the right to work in the UK.

If you wish to engage a casual worker, please fill in the Casual Worker Request Form and return it to together with the CV of the worker. 

HR will then contact the casual worker directly, in order to obtain the required new starter documents from them.

Once we receive everything back. and approval is given, HR will undertake the right to work check and issue the casual worker with the appropriate letter of engagement. The worker must not start work until the approval, completed documents, and the right to work check are in place.

Casual workers need to complete timesheets weekly. Timesheets, appropriately signed by the manager/PI, must be returned to before the last working day of the month. In short:

Casual worker delivers the work and completes the timesheet at the end of the month (i.e. 31 Jan);

HR processes timesheet by the next month casual payroll deadline (i.e. 5 Feb);

Casual worker receives payment at the end of the following month (i.e. 27 Feb).

If you have a short vacancy but you have not identified a casual worker, please contact HR and we will support you in the process of finding a casual or temporary worker. The University of Oxford Temporary Staffing Service will be the first option checked by HR. If a temp cannot be identified through this internal service, HR will contact an external recruitment agency.

HR will request a short description of duties when engaging a temporary/agency worker.