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Gurman Kaur

Senior Postdoctoral Scientist

Gurman’s research primarily focuses on understanding the role of genetic interactions and natural killer (NK) cells in immune-mediated diseases. She joined Prof Lars Fugger’s group in 2009 and her research aims to tease apart the complexity of NK cell receptor genes in modulating susceptibility to disease. She also has an interest in understanding the mechanisms responsible for the diversity in HLA-C expression, which is an important determinant in influencing disease outcome and efficacy of the immune response.

Gurman is a visiting research fellow at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Boston and has fostered collaborative research. She is a recipient of the Radcliffe Department of Medicine 2016 excellence award. Gurman enjoys teaching and is a lecturer on the MSc Integrated Immunology course at the University of Oxford, and a Research Associate at St Catherine’s College, Oxford.

Gurman obtained her PhD from the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Prof Hill Gaston, for which she received the Overseas Research Scholarship and the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Scholarship. During her doctoral studies, Gurman identified novel splice variants of FOXP3 and investigated the role of these splice variants in human regulatory T cells. Prior to her PhD, Gurman completed a MSc in Human Molecular Genetics from Imperial College London with a full scholarship awarded by the Inlaks Foundation and Imperial College London.

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