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S. John Jacob


Honorary Senior Clinical Research Fellow

  • Consultant Neurologist

I am interested in the biological mechanisms of neurodevelopmental disorders, in particular epilepsy and autism. My interest in these disorders stems from an earlier focus on the how the embryonic nervous system develops. The initially homogeneous cell population that constitutes the developing central nervous system gives rise to a diverse array of neurones and non-neuronal cell types. Cells are produced in a stereotyped manner at the correct times and in the appropriate locations. When this complex process is defective, either as a result of genetic mutations or a perturbed cellular environment, diseases such as epilepsy and autism can result. There is a recognised association between these diseases which have many different causes, and this has hampered the development of effective therapies.  My research is currently focused on understanding the shared biological pathways of both disorders as only then will it be possible to design more effective therapies to treat these disabling and lifelong conditions. 

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