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Salil Patel

Clinical Research Fellow

Research Summary

I am a research fellow in the NeuroMetrology lab and an academic junior doctor at Imperial College London. My research focuses on the effects and quantification of deep brain stimulation (DBS).

DBS has been used for decades, helping alleviate symptoms in a host of movement disorders such as Parkinson's disease. Increasingly, although still very much experimental, DBS is also being used to treat severe mental health disorders. Despite remarkable results, the mechanism behind stimulation remains unknown.

The binary immediateness of DBS is not only an effective intervention but a technologically fortuitousness research tool. No temporal expulsion of a pharmaceutical intervention needs to be considered. Instead a flick of a wireless switch instantly suspends the delivering of symptom-reducing electricity to the epicentre of dopaminergic disruption.

The quantification of symptoms has the potential to aid diagnosis, monitoring and the discovery of novel treatments – both symptomatic and preventative in nature.

Recent Publications

Patel, S.B, Fitzgerald, J and Antoniades (2019) Oculomotor effects of medical and surgical treatments of Parkinson's disease. A Progress in Brain Research. 

Patel, S.B, Brzezicki, M.A, Fitzgerald, J and Antoniades (2019) The influence of deep brain stimulation on eye movements. Advances in Translational Neuroscience of Eye Movement Disorders. 

Patel, S.B (2019) Should the National Health Service be independent like the judiciary?  Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Patel, S.B, Stokes, O.M, Jones, C, Khan, S, Clare, A, Samartzis, D (2017). The Current State of the Evidence for the Use of Drains in Spinal Surgery: Systematic Review. European Spine Journal

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Marks, I, Patel, S.B, Holmer, H, Billingsley, M and Sama, G (2015) Letter from the future: surgeons of 2030. Lancet

Patel, S.B and Gutowski, N. (2015) The difficulty in diagnosing X linked adrenoleucodystrophy and the importance of identifying cerebral involvementBMJ Case Reports

Patel, S.B. (2015) Global Surgery In The Elderly Must Focus On EducationWorld Journal of Surgery