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Ground breaking studyl for huntington2019s disease under way

Ground-breaking study for Huntington’s disease under way

NDCN’s Associate Professor Andrea Nemeth is leading the Oxford part of a clinical trial for Hungtinton’s disease.

Sarosh irani wins graham bull prize

Sarosh Irani wins Graham Bull Prize

The Graham Bull Prize in Clinical Science / Goulstonian Lectureship is a prestigious annual prize awarded by the Royal College of Physicians

Ndcn staff win teaching awards

NDCN staff win teaching awards

The 2019 MSD Teaching Excellence Awards were celebrated in a ceremony at Merton College on Wednesday 23 October.

Oxford is top recruiter to drug resitant epilepsy study

Oxford is joint top recruiter to drug-resitant epilepsy study

The Oxford Epilepsy Research Group is at the forefront of some potentially ground-breaking work with patients who have drug-resistant epilepsy. Epilepsy affects over 50 million people worldwide and nearly one in three people with epilepsy are resistant to current drugs.



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