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The new suite is a joint venture between Oxford Simulation, Training and Research (OxSTaR), which is part of our Department, and the Horton Education Centre.

It's an excellent way for trainees to experience what high-stress situations feel like - you have to maintain clinical care with all sorts of factors coming into play like time constraints, distractions, noise, and then make decisions under pressure. 
- Rosie Warren, Centre Manager for OxSTaR

Complete with an interactive manikin, control room and live feed, the suite is designed to provide trainee doctors and nurses with realistic clinical scenarios including sudden changes in a patient's condition, time pressures and a talking manikin. Heart attacks, sepsis symptoms and asthma attacks can be replicated through the manikin, which appears to have a pulse and breathe.

Our OxSTaR staff are looking forward to being able to offer the same high quality simulation training to teams of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals on the Horton site as they do at the John Radcliffe The suite will be manned regularly by OxSTaR in the New Year . 

Nuffield Oxford Hospitals Fund (NOHF) awarded £30,000 for the suite, which paid for the cameras and recording system. Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust paid for the conversion of the existing seminar room to the suite.

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