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Many congratulations to the following members of our Department who have been awarded the title of Professor in the recent Recognition of Distinction round.

Simon Kyle, Rogier Mars, Laura Parkkinen, Annina Schmid, Arjune Sen, Andrew Sharott

Titles of Full Professor are conferred annually in recognition of an individual's significant influence on their field of study, as well as their track records in teaching and academic citizenship.

Simon Kyle

Simon Kyle, Professor of Experimental and Clinical Sleep Research, is in our Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute in the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology. He directs the Oxford Online Programme in Sleep Medicine and his research interests lie in the aetiology and management of sleep disturbance and the interaction between sleep disturbance and mental health.

Rogier Mars

Rogier Mars, Professor of Neurosciences, explores what it is that makes brains the way they are.He is aiming to understand differences between brains as the result of deviations from ancestral brains that arose to deal with challenges in the environment.

Laura Parkkinen

Laura Parkkinen, Professor of Translational Neuropathology, is Head of Neuropathology Research in the Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre, and is also in charge of the Oxford Brain Bank in NDCN. She aims to achieve a collective genetic/biochemical signature to assist with early diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease and assessing the efficacy of disease-modifying therapies in a biologically-targeted manner.

Annina Schmid

Annina Schmid, Professor of Pain Neurosciences, is head of our Neuromusculoskeletal Health and Science Lab. Her research focuses on advancing our understanding of the pathophysiology of entrapment neuropathies with the ultimate aim of developing precision physiotherapy and improving management for these patients.

Arjune Sen

Arjune Sen, Professor of Global Epilepsy, heads up the Oxford Epilepsy Research Group. He is interested in cognitive, psychological and psychosocial difficulties in patients with epilepsy. He continues to delineate pathways that may cause neurodegeneration in epilepsy, aiming to develop treatments that may ameliorate both seizures and the co-morbidities that so commonly associate with epilepsy.

Andrew Sharott

Andrew Sharott, Professor of Neuroscience, runs a research group in the MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit. He aims to uncover the circuit-level deficits underlying brain disorders and use this knowledge to develop closed-loop stimulation approaches to treatment.