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Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals (NMAHPs) are an important part of our research group. We support NMAHPs staff within our group through two routes: Research Delivery and the Clinical Academic career pathway.


Research Delivery

Our research is supported by ourResearch Delivery team. We employ nurses, midwives and physiotherapists in these roles, which support us to secure ethical and regulatory approvals, manage research governance, screen and recruit research participants and collect research data.


We also offer opportunities to develop other skills within research delivery roles, including writing for publication and  qualitative interviewing and analysis.


Clinical Academic Career Pathways

We support NMAHPs staff throughout all stages of the clinical academic career pathway.

Research Secondments

We support research secondments for clinical staff who are interested in research. Secondees work alongside the delivery team to deliver active research projects. During their secondment they are also supported to undertake an independent research project (e.g. a service evaluation or literature review) with mentorship from experienced NMAHPs researchers.

Doctoral Fellowships

We support several NMAHPs undertaking doctoral studies, including the first nurse and first physiotherapist from OUHFT to secure NIHR Clinical Doctoral Fellowships:

Jody Ede

Owen Gustafson

Post-Doctoral Research

The NMAHPs work stream is led by Dr Sarah Vollam, the first nurse to lead a sub-theme of the NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre. 


If you are an NMAHP interested in working with us, please contact: