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If you are interested in visiting our lab or completing an internship with us, please contact us by email:

Benedicta Ulbrich 

Visiting Student from the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg

Benedicta spent 3 months in our research group from March - May 2016, as part of her Psychology studies.  During her time with us, she greatly assisted with the collection of data with Magda Nowak (a DPhil student within the group). 

Benedicta said:  "Learning about all the different brain stimulation methods like TMS and tACS was a great experience and even more exciting to see them applied. Also having an insight into how research is done at such a prestigious university was definitely most interesting and showed me the next steps in my career. I would never want to miss the time I spent at FMRIB as it had huge impact on many of my future decisions."



Visiting Student from Koç University, School of Medicine, Istanbul

Buse spent 8 weeks in our group from June - August 2016.  Her work in our group was mainly focused on development of a task designed to test identification of biological motion.  She also completed data collection for a behavioural study using a serial reaction time task with DPhil student Ainslie Johnstone, and assisted Magda Nowak (another DPhil student in the group) with her TMS/tACS study.

Buse said:  "The time I spent with the group was absolutely mindblowing. Every day was a challenge to overcome: Sometimes it was complication with task design implementation, sometimes confusion regarding data analyses, and sometimes difficulty with simply grasping the theoretical idea behind the research. And every single obstacle was a joy to surmount as I had the support of amazing people at such a prominent institution. While I have endless cherished memories of my experience at FMRIB, my favourite has to be the first day I spent collecting data unsupervised - while the whole session took a span of approximately 14 hours, the sense of accomplishment in the end was definitely worth it."

Martyna Rakowska

Visiting Student from the University of Edinburgh

Martyna spent a month in our group in the summer of 2016, learning about the workings of a neuroimaging research group and assisting in some data collection and analysis.  She observed a number of sessions involving MRI scanning, and sessions of TMS, tDCS and tACS as well as analysing a behavioural dataset.

Martyna said: "I have to admit it’s been one of the most precious and at the same time one of the most incredible experiences of my live. At first I found it a bit challenging to get an in-depth understanding of the ongoing experiments, yet, with the help and support of the research group members, I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge together with hands-on experience in the topics. My favourite part of the internship would be volunteering as a tACS subject - I will never forget the peculiar sensation I felt while being stimulated!"


If you are interested in visiting our lab or completing an internship with us, please contact us by email: