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Velicia Bachtiar

Velicia completed her DPhil in the Plasticity Group from 2012-2015, supervised by Charlie Stagg and Heidi Johansen-Berg.  Her thesis title was "Transcranial Stimulation of the Human Primary Motor Cortices".  During her DPhil Velicia used magnetic resonance spectroscopy to quantify the level of different chemicals in the human brain. Specifically, she was interested in the inhibitory neurotransmitter, GABA, in the motor cortex. Velicia investigated how motor learning and non-invasive brain stimulation changed the level of cortical GABA.

Velicia left the Physiological Neuroimaging Group to work as a Research Associate with the Drake Foundation, a not for profit organisation tackling concussions in sport.  She now holds the position of Chief Science Officer, and her work involves further development and implementation of initiatives to advance research and knowledge on sports-related concussion.