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Catharina Zich


Charlie Stagg (University of Oxford)

Melanie Fleming (University of Oxford)

Mark Woolrich (University of Oxford)

Sven Bestmann (University College London)

Nick Ward (University College London)

Sebastian Sporn (University College London)

Andrew Quinn (University of Birmingham)

Alex Sel (University of Essex)

Catharina Zich


Postdoctoral Scientist

I am a postdoctoral scientist in the Physiological Neuroimaging Group (PiNG) headed by Charlie Stagg. 

Research Topics

Motor (re-)learning

We (re-)learn motor skills every day: from mastering a new music piece to learning how to use a fork and knife again following injury. However, there is much we still do not understand about the behaviour and the neural mechanisms underlying complex motor (re-)learning.

Stroke rehabilitation

Stroke is the commonest cause of adult complex disability in the world. A major opportunity for improving outcomes is to target the mechanisms of brain recovery and repair. I currently work on biomarkers for spontaneous recovery in the acute stage and therapy-induced recovery in the chronic stage post-stroke.

Research Methods

I use multi-modal neuroimaging with a strong focus on electrophysiology. To study naturalistic movements in naturalistic environments I use high-quality mobile EEG. To investigate high-frequency activity (i.e., gamma activity) or examine spatial properties in more detail I use MEG.

Focussing on more complex movements we use the Kinarm to capture detailed kinematic information and link these to brain signals.  

Potential research projects

I offer shorter research projects for undergraduate and postgraduate theses and internships. I welcome enquiries from potential DPhil (PhD) students. Please email me.


I teach in B.A. Biomedical Sciences (Module: Brain & Behaviour: Brain) and M.Sc. Neuroscience (Module: Motor Systems). 

Key publications

Recent publications

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