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Minh C. Tran

DPhil (Engineer) BEng(Hons) MIET MIPEM IEng


  • Minh Tran studied BioEngineering and focusing on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Devices. He was trained as a software and system engineer at the University of Sheffield, UK and a Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford, UK.
  • Minh and his team are focusing on building Medical Devices, Healthcare Systems, and Medical devices Regulation and Safety across countries. The team designs and implements novel and practical hardware and software systems to make fully functional systems applying in the hospital environment. Various medical products including brain-ware systems, respiratory monitor devices, and devices to use in General Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Unit. The system has been validated and clinically tested in multiple departments, including Churchill Hospital, Oxford, John Radcliff Hospital, Oxford, Guy's Hospital, King's College London, London. The collaboration has been expanded to multiple countries, Vietnam, New Zealand, America, and Taiwan.

Medical Device and System

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