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The Departmental Safety Advisory Committee (DSAC) provides a forum for the discussion of health and safety matters.

This forum seeks input from all levels of employee and student representatives.  Contact your local representative to bring Health and Safety matters to the committee's attention.

DSAC membership:

Head of Department                                    Kevin Talbot

WW Administration                                      Scott Thomson

Department Safety Officer (DSO)                Tiphaine Bouriez-Jones

Deputy DSO                                                Maen Bazo

Department Laser Supervisor                     Katie Warnaby

Senior Radiation Protection Supervisor      Leslie Jacobson

WIMM Safety Representative                      Judith Cossins

Wolfson Building                                         To be confirmed

WW Neurology unit                                     Flavie Torrecillos               

WW Level 1                                                 Hannah Brooks

WW Metroneurology                                   Brenda Cooley                                 

FMRIB                                                         Jon Campbell/Michael Sanders

JR OxSTaR                                                 Wendy Washbourn 

OMPI/SCNI                                                 Steven Hughes

BNDU                                                          Andrew Sharott

DivSO                                                          Graham Ross                     

CVM DSO                                                   James Brown


Minutes of DSAC meetings: