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Blood tests are performed at several appointments to check your general health, or for known factors associated with stroke. Different tests are performed at different times, and can include tests of red and white blood cells, kidney function, liver function, thyroid function and your blood glucose

Cholesterol is a fatty substance, mostly created by the liver from fat in your diet – it is vital for normal functioning of the body, but having a high level can contribute to the narrowing of arteries and thus cause strokes. We will measure cholesterol levels when we first see you and at follow up. If you are prescribed a statin by us, we will measure Creatine kinase, a substance released into the blood when muscle is inflamed or damaged at follow up.

Further blood tests may be performed if your doctor considers them necessary.

Research Bloods 

As part of OxVasc, we take blood to look at biological markers and DNA to try and gain a better understanding of what causes strokes and vascular disease in general. These ‘research blood samples’ are usually taken at the same time as ones described above. These are analysed anonymously so no results will be available to you individually. If you would like more information about how we use these samples please ask one of our study staff.