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Wenchuan Wu

Post-doctoral researcher

I develop novel methods for acquiring and reconstructing high-resolution, high-SNR diffusion MRI data from human brain at 3T and 7T. I'm also actively working on general fast imaging approaches, numerical optimisation and machine learning. 

One of my projects involves the use of 3D multi-slab EPI sequence for diffusion acquisition, which enables maximised SNR efficiency. I developed methods to reduce slab boundary artefacts ('NPEN')  and improve parallel imaging ('Slice/Slab-FLEET'). This technique allows high isotropic-resolution diffusion MRI with high contrast and high SNR. Ultra-high field of 7T enables stronger SNR for MRI acquisition. I developed 3D multi-slab diffusion acquisition at 7T, utilising the SNR gain to achieve higher spatial resolution.

To reduce diffusion acquisition time, I propose a method to accelerate k-q acquisition using Gaussian processes. Using this method we manage to achieve high in-plane acceleration (R = 6) and high through-plane acceleration (MB = 4, R = 3, R_total = 12) with good image quality.

I obtained M.Sc degree in Biomedical Engineering from Tsinghua University in Beijing before I joined FMRIB in 2013. I worked on spiral imaging, non-Caretesian reconstruction, optimisation methods and multi-shot diffusion imaging for my master thesis.

Key publications