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Research Award Set Up

 External Funding

When you receive notification of a successful award from the sponsor, please forward all documents including any emails to the NDCN Research Grants Team on

The NDCN Research Grants Team will then work with the Research Services and Research Accounts teams to:

  • Obtain RS signature for award acceptance letter if required by Funder
  • Initiate negotiation, review and approval of Funder agreement if required
  • Initiate agreements with any collaborating institutions
  • Set up your funding budgets according to your award and obtaining your award account code

Please note that the above processes may take some time if a contract is to be negotiated.

The NDCN Research Grants Team will notify you by e-mail of this code and when the award is set up on Oracle Financials, and ready to accept spending.  This notification will include relevant details of your award, including:

  • start and end date
  • your funding budget breakdown as confirmed in the award letter
  • staff to be funded by this award
  • corresponding award documentation and collaborator information

Please note that any staff being employed on your grant should be aware of the Funders terms and conditions relevant to your award.

The grant code that you are assigned will be used on all order requisitions and payment forms. For more information on how to submit these forms for processing or payment, please visit the NDCN Finance Pages

Internal Funding

Successful application notification emails are usually sent out by the internal funding teams.

Please read these emails carefully as they will contain important information about your award.

It will also contain the grant code.

Please inform the NDCN Research Grants Team on so the award information can be kept on file.