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Steps in the application process

  1. At least three weeks prior to the funder deadline send the Research Application checklist to the research grants team via
  2. When the form is received the grants team will check the funding T&Cs to confirm eligibility and work together with the PI to complete the costing on X5.
  3. Once the X5 costing is approved by the PI, the grants team will complete the finance section of the application. If possible, you will need to grant access for the relevant team members to the grant application system.
  4. Keep the grants team informed of any changes to your project as you are working on the application. The team will make the changes on X5 and the application system, as required.
  5. If a signature from the Head of Department is required, please make sure the application is signed before the research services deadline. Allow at least two working days for the application to be signed.
  6. All applications need to be submitted to research services 1 week (5 working days) prior to the funder deadline. The application needs to be complete with all required attachments. Inform the grants team when your application is complete and they will send it over to research services for review. After this point you can still make minor changes to the science part of the application, but there can be no changes to any of the costs.
  7. The grants team will communicate the required amendments following institutional review to the PI.
  8. The grants team will check the final version of the application and let the PI know the application has been approved and is ready to be submitted.
  9. The final application can be submitted to the funder once it’s been approved. Depending on the funder the final submission step will be completed by the PI or research services. If the final step needs to be completed by research services, please allow for enough time for the final funder deadline.

Please note there may be extra steps involved in your application. This may depend on the Funder or Scheme that you are applying to. The research grants team will advise at the outset.