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Below you can find some basic information regarding how you might fund your studies with us.

university funding

To be considered for the majority of Oxford scholarships, all you need do is submit your graduate application by the December deadline. These scholarships are funded by various organisations including the Wellcome Trust, MRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, CR-UK, British Heart Foundation, the Clarendon Fund, Oxford Colleges and a number of other charities. The scholarships will usually cover fees and provide a stipend at the standard Research Council rate.

If you apply to the December deadline then your application will be automatically included for consideration for one of these awards. Most scholarships are awarded between February and June.

These scholarships are extremely competitive - typically between 2 and 3 students each year who apply to NDCN secure funding this way, therefore, applicants are strongly encouraged to look into alternative sources of funding rather than relying on securing one these studentships.

We would strongly recommend that you read the University of Oxford fees & funding advice pages in order to understand both the central process and how to search for other opportunities.