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The NDCN Student Club organises regular academic and social events that bring together students, early career post-docs and staff from across the Department. They have an entertainment budget of £250 per term (excluding the purchase of alcohol) for social events and can apply to the department for further financial support for e.g. organising speaker events with a reception.

The Student Club is dedicated to supporting the interests of NDCN postgraduate students. They are your channel to voice any concerns or opinions within the Department to the Graduate Studies Committee and other senior management.

To join the (optional, voluntary) Whatsapp group, please click the following link

NDCN Student Club

Primary contact email address:

Information for prospective and first year students provided by the Student Club


President Vacancy

As President you will be responsible for coordinating the Student Club with the support of the Social Secretary, and act as a representative of the student cohort at key Departmental meetings such as the Graduate Studies Committee meeting. You will collect and report on student feedback to ensure the student voice is heard and considered in Departmental decision-making. You’ll take initiative on how to engage student interest and organise termly student events.

If you are interested in applying for this role, please contact to

Student Committee Representation by NCDN Student Club 

  • Athena SWAN: vacant from Michaelmas term 2023
  • Clinical Neurosciences Society: vacant from Michaelmas term 2023
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion working group: vacant from Michaelmas term 2023
  • Graduate Joint Consultative Committee: Setareh Alabaf (NB. meetings are always lunchtime 1pm on Monday of 4th week of term)
  • Graduate Studies Committee: vacant from Trinity term 2024 (outgoing: Svenja Küchenhoff)
  • MSD Skills Training committee: vacant from Michaelmas term 2023
  • Research Culture Working group: Beatriz Godinho
  • Engagement and Impact Committee: Hung-Ju Chueh