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Committee members:


Stephanie Halford (chair)

Olaf Ansorge

Chrystalina Antoniades

Raja Jayaram

Simon Kyle

Laura Parkkinen

Mirela Panea (student rep)

Martin Turner

Natalie Voets

Alastair Webb


The committee will meet four times a year


Terms of Reference

  • ·         To ensure that students are admitted in accordance with university and departmental policy.
  • ·         To ensure that supervisors carry out their academic and pastoral responsibilities in accordance with university and departmental policy.
  • ·         To ensure that students carry out their studies in accordance with university and departmental policy.
  • ·         To administer all student funding available to NDCN students e.g. department funds and divisional funds etc.
  • ·         To monitor student progression and identify trends which may need addressing.  In such cases, the committee will implement remedial action to reverse negative trends.
  • ·         To monitor recruitment and advise on best practice to ensure the highest standard of students are attracted to NDCN.
  • ·         To recommend student number targets.
  • ·         To ensure that the estate of the department is fit for purpose for student study.
  • ·         To ensure that students adhere to any legal requirements relating to their study eg Health & Safety, Data Protection, Good Clinical practice etc.
  • ·         To monitor the development of new graduate studies programmes