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Here you can find information about the different professional support teams in the department who can help you with administrative queries.



This team can help with websites, social media, branding, press, public engagement and event organisation.

Communications and Public Engagement:
01862 223357

01865 223014

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Piggy bank


This team helps with donations and recharge facilities, as well as purchasing, invoicing and expenses.

Accounts (payable):
01852 231909

01865 222322

Finance (receivable):
01865 226198

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Book half pulled off shelf

Research GRANTS

This team supports the preparation of grant applications, grant set up and the management of grants post-award.



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Pad of paper with pen

Human Resources

This team provides a wide range of services including support with recruitment, reward and compliance.



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Hand with pen, writing

Academic Administration

This team co-ordinates the activities of the undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Department.


Undergraduate: undergraduate​​​ 

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Straight road

EDI, Research Culture & Staff Development

This team supports the professional and personal development of staff by providing and raising awareness of career development opportunities, resources and initiatives.

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Pipette dropping into test tubes

01865 234829

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