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Applying for research funding takes a significant amount of time, careful planning, and coordinated departmental support.​ NDCN encourages researchers to take this into account when making applications. The University provides a general overview of the application process from identifying potential funders to submission. The Research Grants and Funding pages of the NDCN website outline the specific departmental​ procedures you will need to follow in order to apply for funding as part of NDCN.

Seeking support within NDCN

The Research Grants Team can provide help with identifying possible funding streams and specialist advice regarding costing requirements and funder terms and conditions. However, you are encouraged to approach your line manager and other senior researchers within the Department for guidance on developing your research idea, identifying suitable funding streams, reviewing your proposal and providing mock funding interviews.

Guidelines for Head of Department letters of support for personal fellowships (SSO required)

Funding application toolkit

The Staff Development Team has created a Grant Application Writing Toolkit, which includes an Idea Builder and series of grant application writing checklists, to help you find and develop your research question and plan the writing process. The toolkit links to this article in Practical Neurology by Prof. Masud Husain, discussing his tips for writing a successful grant application.

Funding application seminars

NDCN has hosted several events, in which senior members of the Department share their tips for applying for funding:

Interviews with senior academic staff

View these interviews with senior academic staff in NDCN to hear about their experiences of writing grant applications, including their personal journeys, their successes and failures, and what they've learnt in the process.