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All staff should undertake this selection of short online courses during their probation.

training FOR ALL STAFF

The following courses are mandatory for all members of NDCN and should be taken within the first 3 months of starting in the Department:


Anyone who has line management/supervisory responsibilities should undertake the following as a minimum:

It is also advised that you take the Supervisors’ Responsibilities course, particularly if you supervise research. 


All lab-based staff and students must attend the following face-to-face course:

Depending on the nature of your work, other courses from the Safety Office may also be mandatory. Please ask your line manager to confirm which courses you should undertake:


NDCN staff working with human research participants or human tissue samples must complete appropriate training for their roles. Be sure to check with your supervisor about any specific training requirements for your projects.

In general, NDCN recommends that all staff and students working on research involving human participants attend the face-to-face Good Clinical Practice (GCP) or Good Research Practice (GRP) training provided by the Clinical Trials and Research Governance (CTRG) team. GCP training is designed for CTIMP studies, and GRP for all other clinical research. These training sessions can also fulfil training requirements for CUREC or MS IDREC approval.

If you have previously attended face-to-face training, but need to refresh your certifications, CTRG also provides an online course, though it is important to note that this is designed for CTIMP studies rather than other types of research involving human participants. Although the online course is convenient, NDCN recommends researchers consider attending the face-to-face sessions where possible.

See general information about all CTRG-provided training and other ethics training supported by the University.

If you are carrying out research involving human samples, you may also need to complete mandatory HTA training, even if you have no contact with the research participants or samples themselves. 

Please note that you, your line manager, and the Chief Investigator of any study in which you are involved are responsible for maintaining records of appropriate training. Please keep any completion certificates available in case of audit.