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University resources

Induction for Professional Services Staff

The University's half-day Induction for Professional Services Staff takes place once per academic term. The programme aims to provide a broad introduction to the University and specifically, the professional services and administration sections. It is also an opportunity for you to network with other members of staff.

Careers Support Network

The University’s Careers Support Network can help anyone who is a member of administrative or support staff in the University (including academic-related staff) and who is looking for confidential, impartial advice about an internal job application or a job interview.

Professional Services Conference

The annual Professional Services Conference includes sessions on policy updates, careers in university administration, skill development, and new projects, as well as providing valuable networking opportunities for professional services staff across the University’s academic divisions, departments and colleges. Slides from the September 2020 conference can be found here (Single Sign-On required).

Focus on People

Focus on People is a programme of work that aims to support and develop staff in professional and administrative roles across the University. It will involve a series of projects, initially focusing on two broad areas: Leadership and Management, and Professional Skills and Career Development. If you would like to get involved, please see their website for further details. 


A number of formal and informal professional networks exist across the University. Some of these are listed below, but your line manager or the appropriate team within the Medical Sciences Division will be able to provide further information about any internal networks that are relevant for your particular role.

  • The Research and Innovation Support Network (RISN): for those involved in the support and management of research and innovation, to share best practice, encourage interdisciplinary activity, and identify opportunities for engagement.
  • Communication Officers’ Network: whether communications is your key function or only a small part of your role, the Communication Officers’ Network is a good way to make contact with others working in communications across the collegiate University and share knowledge, ideas and resources.
  • Other Oxford networks: Research Services maintains a list of other networks for staff involved in research administration.

External resources

Research Services provides a list of professional bodies that offer development and networking for research support and administration staff.

Training and development

In addition to the providers listed on the Training and Development Opportunities page, professional services staff may be particularly interested in the following training opportunities:

  • Research Services: View their website for details of training in specialist skills required by those working in finance, research administration, and grant costing and management.
  • People and Organisational Development (POD): POD have developed a dedicated page of resources for professional services staff.
  • Work Learn Develop: This scheme offers existing staff the opportunity to undertake an apprenticeship to gain a professional qualification, alongside their current role, in areas such administration, human resources and accounting.