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Prevention of Stroke & Dementia

Sally Beebe

Research Nurse

Lucy Binney

Clinical Research Fellow

Karen Bowsher-Brown

Research Nurse

Annette Burgess

Research Biochemist

Samantha Carter

Data Manager (OXVASC)

Sharon Christie

Clinical Research Nurse

Fiona Cuthbertson

Clinical Research Therapist

Maria Drummond

Administrative Assistant

Aravind Ganesh

Clinical Research Fellow

Debra Green

Clinical Research Secretary

Ludovica Griffanti

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Robert Hurford

ABN Clinical Research Fellow/ DPhil student

Dearbhla Kelly

DPhil Student

Magdalena Kubiak

Clinical Research Fellow

Gary Lau

Clinical Research Fellow

Linxin Li

Clinical Research Fellow

Shane Lyons

Clinical Research Fellow

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