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Our team may be able to help with name badges and other registration needs.

The Events Officer is fully trained in how to use the University Online Store, which is a way of administering delegate fees and registration for larger events.

Microsoft Forms can be used for registration for simple free events which we can set up and manage - or we also have the facility to create forms within the NDCN website.

Data privacy considerations

On our website's general Privacy Notice we state that online forms will give full details on the purpose and lawful basis for processing information. Therefore please complete a specific Privacy Notice and establish a legal basis for processing the personal data collected through the online form [in relation to this event/survey].

Find out how to complete a Privacy Notice. Once complete, and you have established a legal basis we will make the privacy notice available via the form itself. We will not be able to publish the form until this process is complete.

Please note, that you may need to identify a lawful basis and a separate condition if you are processing special category personal data. For example if you are collecting data from individuals through their virtue of being a patient, or if you are collecting dietary requirements that may give an indication of someone's health status. See more information on what defines special category data and what additional conditions could be used.

For any queries or assistance please contact

Conference materials

Simple programmes can be produced in-house:

We have NDCN pull-up banners and tablecloths that can be used.