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Payment Request Forms (PRFs) can be used to make payments to individuals. A PRF is most likely to be used in situations where the department initiates the payment, for example, payments of scholarships, visiting academics, and payments to participants or volunteers.

  • Do not use a PRF to claim back participants' travel costs. Instead you must complete an Expenses Claim Form - Claimants External to the University
  • Do not use a PRF to pay an invoice. Instead you must raise a purchase order. 

How to complete a Payment Request Form

  • Full name  (no initials)
  • Complete and correct address
  • Complete and correct banking details
  • NI or Nationality (if applicable)
  • Details of payment (example given on sheet)
  • Amount to be paid
  • Your signature in the  "Prepared by" section and the date
  • Code to charge the cost to either a General Ledger code (in "Cost Centre" Box) or a Grant Code (in the  "Project" box)