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The department has a number of General Ledger (GL) accounts. These are different to Research Grants, with a greater level of flexibility.

Typically GL accounts are used for a whole range of reasons including:

  • Operational Funding - Used to cover a number of staff salaries, rental payments for space, utilities, equipment, building projects, staff development, communication expenses, student costs and much more!
  • PI Funds - This is funding which PIs gain from many sources including donations, speaker fees and travel reimbursement. The funds are often used to cover staff costs (subject to approval), consumables, equipment and travel expenses.  
  • Small Research Facilities (SRFs) - We have a number of SRFs in the department which are run on GL accounts, they would incur the costs associated with running the facility, and then the income resulted in charging users of the equipment.  
  • Courses - The department's courses are also set up on GL accounts to manage all associated income and expenditure for them and show how the course is at the very least covering its expenses.
  • Facilities - Some of our facilities funding is variable and therefore a GL account allows the flexibility to invoice customers for the income when it's agreed.

If you require any information on GL accounts or you would like to discuss the possibility of having one set up for you, please contact