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What additional Documentation do I need with my Requisition?

When raising orders in R12 you should always attach any relevant documentation - such as a quote from your chosen supplier - to your Requisition so that it is saved on the system and so NDCN Orders can review it before approval. 

Depending on the value of your order, however, you may need additional documentation before your Requisition can be approved:

Please note that the University Guidance has been updated and processes/thresholds have changed as of 01 August 2023

Up to £2,500 in value

Any supplier with an active set-up on the Oracle R12 finance system can be used with no extra documentation needed.

This has been raised from the previous limit of £1,000

Over £2,500 and less than £25,000 in value

Where possible a Preferred Supplier should be used, and no extra documentation is needed. A list of Preferred Suppliers can be found on the University of Oxford Purchasing pages.

If this is not possible then you may use any supplier set up on our system but you must provide at least two quotes – one from the supplier you wish to use and one from alternative supplier(s) - for the same/equivalent goods or services.

If no alternative quotes are possible then you should complete a Single Quote Justification (SQJ) Form with a robust explanation as to why this is the case.

This replaces the “Sole Supplier Declaration Form” previously used.

Over £25,000 and less than £125,000 in value

Departments must conduct a formal “Request for Quote” process ahead of placing the order. This process targets three written quotations from different suppliers, so it is usual to invite between three and six supplier to take part (depending on the likelihood of getting a response). Preferred Suppliers should be given preference where available.

Once the suppliers have been identified we need to email them all a completed Request for Quotation Form and a detailed Specification Document.

This replaces the previous requirement to run a Departmental Tender Process.

If you need a specific product or service from a particular supplier then a Tender Exemption Request Form (TERF) must be drawn up to explain why the tendering process could not be run.

Please contact NDCN Orders as soon as possible in the process to discuss this with us.

Over £125,000 in value

A full tender must be run by the University Purchasing Department (UPD). Please contact NDCN Orders as soon as possible in the process to discuss this with us.