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To comply with University purchasing regulations, departmental credit cards must be solely used for business purposes. Cards must only be used for the purchase of goods/services which cannot be obtained through using channels by the raising of a purchase order on Oracle.

FOR Barclaycard Holders & Nominated Representatives

Each Barclaycard Cardholder receives their prepopulated reconciliation template by email – this saves time by removing the need to transfer information from the statement onto the reconciliation template.

Please note that for security the templates are issued to cardholders only!

If as a cardholder, you do not normally complete coding details, please forward the email to the relevant member of your department. If you are responsible for completing Barclaycard statement reconciliations please contact the Cardholder to request their reconciliation and supporting receipts.

The template should be completed by adding the following information to the reconciliation tab. Additional formulae have be added to minimise data input required:

  • Department code
  • Tax amount – from receipts (including zeros)
  • Item descriptions
  • VAT coding and VAT recoverability type from drop down options
  • GL Coding/Project coding – additional information on coding is included in a hyperlink in the template

The spreadsheet will highlight any missing information for easy confirmation that it is complete before submission. Only complete templates should be submitted.

The person preparing the template should then enter their details and the date in the “Prepared by” box and save and email the template for approval by the relevant authorised signatory.

Please email all paperwork to

NDCN Finance will submit all necessary documents to the University Barclaycard Team on your behalf. 


NDCN departmental credit card must only be used for the purchase of goods/services which cannot be obtained through using channels by

the raising of a purchase order on Oracle R12

In order to request card payment via NDCN departmental credit card, please complete the NDCN Departmental Credit Card Payment Request Form. 

Once approved by your supervisor or line manager, please forward the form and all receipts relating to the purchase to NDCN Orders

These have to be matched up with the monthly credit card statement.