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Recruitment Panel

There should be a member of each sex involved in the decision to make an appointment, in accordance with the University's Code of Practice on Staff Recruitment and Selection.

The same panel should be involved in the entire selection process.

HR may provide you with the name of an admin representative who will join the rest of the panel members for interview if needed. The Admin Reps have been trained in recruitment and selection processes.

Shortlisting and Interviewing

Once a vacancy has closed, HR will provide the panel members with a PDF containing all applications together with the shortlisting record form and the JD for the post.

Please note that you should not save these files to your C:drive or share them with anyone else. They are provided to you on a confidential basis for interviewing purposes only and should be deleted once the interviews have taken place.

All panel members must agree a shortlist. Once agreement has been reached, please return the completed shortlisting record form to

Once the interview has taken place, the PI, Line Manager or Admin Rep will communicate the final decision to HR, who will start working on taking up references and drafting a conditional offer letter to the successful candidate.