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The Reward and Recognition Scheme allows the University to recognise staff contributions to the work of NDCN and the wider University, and to reward exceptional individual contributions. The Scheme has two elements:

Awards for Excellence Scheme

The Awards for Excellence is to recognise staff contributions to the work of NDCN and the wider University, and to reward exceptional individual contributions. There will be an annual gather field exercise through which recurrent or non-pensionable non recurrent increments can be awarded for individuals between the grades 2-10. 

The University has many highly capable and dedicated staff, and funding for the Reward and Recognition Scheme will be limited. Hence the criteria for this scheme are designed to enable departments to offer financial recognition to those staff who are making an outstanding and truly exceptional contribution to the University.

Line managers will be asked to nominate staff for an award, although self-nominations will also be possible. We welcome applications from both line managers and individuals.

If you are a manager making a nomination, please ensure you share the content of your nomination to the employee before submitting the form to HR. If you are an employee submitting a self-nomination, your line manager must provide comments on the nomination form before it is submitted to HR.

If you any questions please contact HR - ​

Decision Making

Nominations for the 'Awards for Excellence Scheme' are decided by a small panel of representatives from the Personnel Committee. In addition, the Head of Department takes part in the decision making process for the annual 'Awards for Excellence Scheme'.

Recognition Scheme

The Recognition Scheme will allow more timely, much smaller, awards (£200 before tax in all cases) can be made at departmental level to recognise 'one-off', outstanding contributions at any time of the year.

If you wish to nominate a member of your team or your whole team for a Recognition Award please complete the nomination form (Recognition Nomination) and send it to

Nominations are considered and approved on a monthly basis. Please ensure nominations are submitted by the 28th of each month.

Managers and PIs must take into account that, if a member of externally funded staff meets the criteria for an award, the department should consider whether the costs are eligible on the grant and whether the grant provides sufficient funds to meet the cost. Otherwise, the department should allocate funds from its own budget.

Decision Making

Nominations for the 'Recognition Scheme' are endorsed by the Chair of the Personnel Committee and then approved by the Head of Department.