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Grant awarded to investigate use of ultrasound for non-invasive treatments

Head of the Physiological Neuroimaging Group, Dr Charlotte Stagg, has been co-awarded a grant from the EPSRC to investigate ultrasonic neuromodulation of deep grey matter structures for the non-invasive treatment of neurological disorders.  The project is a collaboration between Charlotte Stagg and Dr Bradley Treeby of the UCL Biomedical Ultrasound Group.

The grant totals £648,780.78 and will be used to develop the technique before testing it for possible use in humans.

The research proposes to use ultrasound as an alternative way to modulate ongoing activity in deep structures that have previously been demonstrated to have abnormalities in a wide range of neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.  The hope is to develop a non-invasive method for symptom control with the specificity of deep brain stimulation without the need for invasive operations

A reviewer of the grant said “Very rarely a proposal comes along that strikes one as really inspired.  This is such a proposal”.

More information on any studies will be shared in due course when they become available.