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We welcome four new members to the PiNG group: Ioana, Evan, Marleen and Will!

We have recently welcomed four new members of the Physiological Neuroimaging Group, three DPhil students, and a Post Doc.  More information on each of their projects is below:


Evan Edmond

DPhil Student

Evan's research focuses on neuroimaging in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and he is supervised by Martin Turner at NDCN in collaboration with Charlotte Stagg.  He will apply multimodal MRI techniques to investigate cortical hyperexcitability. Understanding this process better may yield imaging features that improve early diagnosis of the disease (potentially before symptoms develop), allowing for neuroprotective strategies.


Ioana Grigoras

DPhil Student

Ioana previously completed an MSc project within our group, working with Ainslie Johnstone.  Her project investigated the effect of Baclofen (a GABA agonist) on motor learning, and physiological measures of cortical excitability measured using TMS


Marleen schoenfeld

DPhil Student

Marleen is a psychologist and part of our lab for a 3-year DPhil in Clinical Neuroscience. She is supervised by Charlotte Stagg and Catharina Zich at FMRIB/OHBA.

Her research will focus on simultaneous investigation of beneficial therapies and their underlying mechanism in stroke rehabilitation. Specifically, she will conduct experimental work involving non-invasive brain stimulation with motor imagery. She is particularly interested in the underlying mechanisms of neuronal plasticity in both healthy and diseased brains which she will be investigating with neuroimaging data such as functional connectivity and MR spectroscopy.



Will clarke

Post Doctoral Research Assistant

Will joins our group, having been jointly appointed as a post doctoral research assistant and also as the MR Spectroscopist for the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging.